Types of cycling

Competition: when you talk about “cycling race” you usually refer to the cycling discipline on the road because it is the most common and in which the most competitions are held throughout the year. These are the most common disciplines and competitive modalities:

– Road cycling: characterized by fighting on asphalt. Within the cycling route there are the following tests:

  • Try once a day. The trials of this type are of greatest success are called classics and within them stand out the so-called Moments of cycling.
  • Test in stages. They are contested in a minimum of two days with a time classification. It consists of online stages and time trial stages. The goal is to complete all steps in the shortest possible time.
  • Criteria: road test on a closed circuit to the circulation.
  • Individual time trial.
  • Try the team time trial.

Cycling on track: it is characterized by being played in a velodrome and with track bikes, which are modified road bikes. There are several types of tests among which there are: individual speed, speed by equipment, counter-clock, etc.

  1. Mountain biking:

Cross-country: This test consists of giving a certain number of turns to a circuit, the length of which is usually between 8 and 11 kilometers. The following accessories are required: XC special helmet, long finger gloves, clip pedals, and special slippers for this type of pedal.

  1. Downhill (Downhill DH)

This is a modality in which we compete on the road totally in descent, with jumps and obstacles both natural and artificial. The bikes have front and rear suspensions with shock absorbers and hydraulic oil, as well as disc brakes, wider tires and plate protectors or chain guide. The protective equipment is very similar to that of motocross as it has a closed helmet, nips as well as forearms, shin-knee pads, goggles, and gloves. It is the most extreme modality in the sport of cycling.

  1. Indoor cycling: it is divided into two categories: Artistic cycling.

BMX bike: there are two modalities, BMX RACE and also Freestyle, the first is practiced in circuits with curves and obstacles. Currently it is Olympic sport, the last champion in Pekin 2008 was Lithuanian Maris Stromberg’s; the second is to do tricks on the bike. There are two types of freestyle:

  • Urban Freestyle: it consists of doing tricks in the street, squares, stairs, etc.
  • Ramp Freestyle: this is practiced on a previously made circuit.

As we know, cycling is a sport that encompasses various modes and trends. Each type of cycling stands out for one thing in particular, and each of them has its advantages and benefits for those who practice it. In addition to all cycling disciplines, there are key aspects that remain in the use of the bicycle. Also, each of the modalities of cycling is governed by its particular Basic Rules, both inside and outside the asphalt. Each competition has its history, its own rules, and its evidence with its corresponding in stages. Although it is true that each type of cycling has its own classification:

  • Competition cycling: road, mountain, road, trial, etc.
  • Recreation cycling: cycling
  • Urban cycling

This classification, as we have seen, depends on the competitive framework in question. So if you want to know what the types of cycling are and their characteristics below you will find all the information corresponding to each of them.