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Work, School & Play

Most of us need to be at least a bit more active – similarly many of us could make more of an effort to reducing congestion levels and traffic pollution.

What better way to tackle these issues then by swapping the car for the bicycle where possible.

According to the last Census over 60% of people in England & Wales travel to work by car. In the Lancaster District it was 62.6% of the working population – that’s almost 35,000 people. Nationally just 2.8% of workers cycled. The situation was a little better in Lancaster with 3.8% of workers making the journey by bike – that’s around 2120 people.

Imagine how our roads would look if this number was 3,000 or 5,000 or 10,000……

Please visit the cycling to school and cycling to work pages for information how to start making a difference to your pocket, your health and your environment.

More people cycling to school and work means…

  • Less cars on the road

  • A healthier population

  • A cleaner and safer environment

  • We’d all save money