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How old are you?55Where do you live?FreeholdHow often do you cycle to work?

Once or twice a week, the

rest of the time I run

What sort of bike do you ride?

I have several bikes for

different kinds of cycling,

but around town I ride a Claude Butler hybrid with low gears and panniers

Do you wear a helmet

or cycle clothing?

I always wear a helmet. I wear wind or rain protection gear if it’s cold or wet, and my outer gear has high viz stripes on it

Does your workplace have any special facilities for cyclists?

No, but I am working together with the management of White Cross to plan better cycle storage facilities for the industrial estate, hopefully to include showers and changing facilities. If anyone reads this who works at White Cross would like to get involved, please could they get in touch

Why do you cycle to work?

Because we decided to get rid of the car to reduce our carbon footprint. I also cycle because it’s healthy and gives me an energy boost.

Do you cycle for leisure too?

Yes, we do a lot of cycling around the district—one favourite is out to Morecambe then north along the Prom to Hest Bank, then back along the canal. This summer we’re cycling from the Alps to the Atlantic across France.

What’s the best thing about cycling?

Waving at the motorists stuck on the Skerton Bridge! Also keeping fit and feeling full of energy

What’s the wost thing about cycling?

Inconsiderate drivers who pass by too close and too fast. Also trying to get the message across to planners about the need for uninterrupted cycle lanes, for example, on the A6 between the University and Carnforth. That would make a huge difference to Lancaster.