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More than 150,000 bicycle are stolen every year in Britain. A large number of cycle thefts are opportunistic. The thief spots a bike that’s been left unsecured by a rider who’s just ‘nipping into the shop for a few minutes’ and a few seconds later they’ve nipped off with your bike. Cycles should always be secured no matter how long you plan to be away.

There’s a wide range of different types of locks available for different circumstances. Your local bike retailer should be able to advise you on what’s best for you!

Download Sustrans ‘Security Matters’ leaflet (pdf).

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Basic Security Rules

Always lock your bike, even if you’re only leaving it for a few minutes

Lock cycles through the frame. Secure or remove wheels (and other easily removed items such as lights, quick release saddles).

Use a good quality lock.

Park cycles considerately where they will not cause an obstruction to others. Try to use formal parking racks where these are available.

If using "street furniture" ensure that you are not blocking pavements for other users and that do not use fixtures that have signs asking you not to secure your cycle to them.

Don’t park your bike in isolated or hidden locations.

Take advantage of free bike postcoding offered by the Police

Security at Home

More than half of all bicycle thefts actually take place from the ownerÂ’s property. This includes thefts from houses, garages, sheds and gardens. If you store your bike in a garage or shed make sure that it is well secured and don’t leave your bike unattended outside of your home. Equipment such as steel loops are available to secure your bike to walls.

It’s a good idea to insure your bike. This can be done by extending your home contents insurance to cover your bicycle – but make sure it covers you for thefts away from the property also.

More Information

Bicycle Parking and Security Association

The Bike Parking and Security Association has brought together cycle parking manufacturers, local authorities, consultants and cycling interest groups in a discussion forum concentrating onhow provision of appropriate cycle parking facilities will play a crucial role in meeting Government’s targets for increasing cycle usage.