Celebrating Cycling – Basic Bike Maintenance – celebrating cycling, cycling in lancaster, lancaster cycling, lancaster city council

Celebrating Cycling – Basic Bike Maintenance – celebrating cycling, cycling in lancaster, lancaster cycling, lancaster city council

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Basic Bike Maintenance

Top Tips

  • Keep your tyres well pumped – most punctures happen because tyres aren’t pumped sufficiently. Pumped up tyres take less energy to ride on as they give less drag and wear out more slowly. Check you manual or tyres for recommended pressure.

  • Keep your bike lubricated – use oil on the chain every few months, it keeps your gears working. Drip it onto the chain over the cogs, pedal backwards and wipe it off with a rag. Spray lube if for emergencies only.

  • Avoid jet washes – they blast the grease out of the noks & crannies and can make the bike seize up.

  • Cap the end of your bars – use bar plugs, reuse corks or fill with mud. Unplugged bars can cut you in an accident and it can be nasty.

  • Grease your handlebar stem and seat post – be sure not to set them higher than the safety marks and ensure they’re tightened up.

  • Check your brakes – the key to cycling is being able to stop when you want. Pads have a wear line, if the rubber’s gone then there’s nothing left to stop you.


Basic Tool Kit

  • puncture repair kit

  • trye levers

  • spare tube and pump

  • multi-tool or 10mm & 15mm spanners and 5mm & 6mm allen keys

  • cloth or wet wipes


Basic Checklist

  1. Check your seat height is adjusted correctly. With your fully leg stretched, the heel of your foot should just rest on the pedal at the bottom of the stroke. (When cycling, use the ball of your foot for greatest efficiency.)
  2. Check your tyre pressures – for riding on road, your tyres should be firm. The recommended pressure should be in your bike manual or displayed on the tyre.

  3. If it is likely you will be cycling at night, wear something reflective, check your lights work properly and carry spare batteries.

  4. Check your chain is lubricated regularly.

  5. Check your brakes and gears work effectively.

  6. Carry a basic tool kit (multi-tools are most convenient), spare tube, pump and puncture repair kit.

Local Repairs and Maintenance

  • Check out our maintenance training courses (introduction & basic) running May – October around the District.
    Go to our training page or call Pedal Power on 01524 65328 for further details.

  • Saturday Cycle Surgery at Pedal Power.
    Every first Saturday of the month between 10am – 1pm. Minor repairs done FREE by a qualified mechanic (minimal charge for parts only).  – Call in at Lake Enterprise Park, Caton Road, Lancaster or call on 01524 65325

  • Colin Stone – Cycle Repairs  – Call 01524 751332

  • See list of local cycle shops

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 Look after your bike, and it will look after you!

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